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Graffiti Fonts 4.0 - Codename: BURN
The official Graffiti Fonts™ 4.0 collection is finally here! GF4 is bigger & badder than all 3 of our previous collections combined. Our artist worked for nearly 4 years to ensure that Burn lives up to it's name. With 8 Categories of exclusive, fonts artwork & software for any Mac, PC, or Linux computer including over 40 all new exclusive fonts never before seen anywhere on earth, 100 vector City Skylines, 100 vector Paint & Ink splatters, strokes, drips & textures, 100 Urbania™ photo cutouts, objects & scenes, 100 high res Stock Images, 100 uninque Color Illustrations & Clip Art items, plus Design Templates and powerful Free Software. The full collection is over 4.5 GB of content on a single DVDROM & includes a 32 page, full color, printed instruction booklet. When you purchase the DVDROM you are purchasing a royalty free, commercial use license to all of the included content for a single user. View License

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• Graffiti Fonts Collection Vol. 4.0 (Included on the GF4 "BURN" DVDROM)
100 Exclusive Graffiti Fonts® available here for the first time ever.
Every Graffiti Font in the GF4 (Burn) collection is a new release. These fonts were not included in any of our previous collections & you can only get them from Highground / Full Time Artists. We created these styles specifically to out perform all of our older fonts both technically & stylistically. All styles are included in TrueType, OpenType, PostScript & even BitMap formats for any mac, pc or linux based computer. Create custom graffiti lettering, wildstyles, tags etc. in seconds.

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• GF4 Paint & Ink Collection (Included on the GF4 "BURN" DVDROM)
100 Highly detailed & scaleable renderings made from real paint & ink.
The GF4 Paint & Ink Collection includes hundreds of unique paint & ink splatters, drips, strokes, spills, overspray, textures & more. Presented in black & white with transparent backgrounds these bits of paint can be easily shifted into any color. Stretch & modify these detailed specimens for endless combinations. This collection was created from a combination of real ink, paint & spraypaint accidents with deliberate creations & even drawn & painted components.

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• GF4 All City Skyline Collection (Included on the GF4 "BURN" DVDROM)
100 Detailed, scaleable & accurate cityscapes from around the globe.
Rep your city (or any city) with these accurate & up to date cityscape silhouettes We have included nearly all the worlds major cities as well as skylines from all 50 north American states. Presented in scaleable vector format these 100 versitle & iconic images can be used in almost any context. Simple enough for logos & detailed enough for more elaborate artwork our cityscpes are one of our most widely useable collections.

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• GF4 Urbania Collection (Included on the GF4 "BURN" DVDROM)
100 Urban & street themed, high resolution photographic cut-outs.

The Hip-Hop inspired Urbania™ collection is a useful selection of various bits & pieces of Hip-Hop culture & modern urban / suburban life. These high resolution items have been cut from thier backgrounds & presented in a classic , black & white stencil / photocopy inspired style. Urbania™ vol.1 includes 100 objects including:

Telephone/Power lines, Light Posts, Buildings, Razor Wire, Spray Cans, Caps, Tapes, Barbed Wire, Paper Textures, Bricks, Trains, Trucks, Music Equipment, & more.

Urbania is a bitmap collection. These photo-realistic items are all rendered in a similar style so that they can be used together effectively. This style was meant to compliment the Graffiti Fonts, Skylines, Images & other collections included with Graffiti Fonts® 4.


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• GF4 Vector Clip Art Collection (Included on the GF4 "BURN" DVDROM)
100 Street themed scaleable vector illustrations in full color.

The Graffiti Fonts® 4 collection includes over 100 original illustrations featuring characters, objects, symbols & more from Graffiti & Hip-Hop culture. These unique, scaleable graffiti style drawings are featured in full color, vector formats for use in nearly any software. These works are exclusive to GF4 (Burn) & have never been released before. Some of the items included are:

Spay Cans, Caps, Flames, 3D Graffiti, Tribals, Wings, scrolls & Banners, Hearts, Barbed Wire, Speakers, Crowns, Cityscapes, Music & Media Items & more.


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• GF4 High-Res Stock Image Collection (Included on the GF4 "BURN" DVDROM)

100 High resoulution textures, walls, backgrounds, scenes & more.
Over 120 high resolution images are included. This collection of images is presented at nearly twice the resoulution of our 3.1 collection & features many useful textures, backgrounds, fills, scenes & works of art. As before there is a general urban & Hip-Hop theme & a focus on wide useability. These images will work in any design application including the full array of software included with GF4. Paint, street, smoke, barbwire, trains & more are all included.

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• GF4 Design Template Collection (Included on the GF4 "BURN" DVDROM)
25 Pro Quality Design Templates for Common Layouts.
GF4 is also equipped with a larger & more advanced collection of design templates for numerous print design projects such as CDs & album covers, DVD cases, business cards, fliers, clothing & more. Simple, with only 3 layers and all measurements listed these accurate templates are a time saver & a great asset. We have included all of these templates in .AI & .PSD format.


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• GF4 Free Software Collection (Included on the GF4 "BURN" DVDROM)
6 Powerful Design Applications included for free.
With our 3.0 CDROM we introduced this collection of free & open source software. We later added it to our older Edition 1 & 2 CDROMs. For the new 4.0 DVDROM we have upgraded & added additional versions of the applications to reflect changes in operating systems & hardware since the last edition. This collection of software ensures that even novice users with no software at all will be able to get the most out of the full GF4 collection. Print, web & office apps all included.

We have included all of our fonts, images, vector illustrations & other assetts in multiple formats for use in nearly any design, development or productivity applications including the free apps we've included.
Graffiti Fonts® is a registered trademark of Highground Industries. All Typefaces and artwork are the property of Highground Industries & Full Time Artists © 1991 - 2013 unless otherwise noted. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited. Fonts, Art and all other materials on this site are wholely owned by thier creators and may not be redistributed in any way, added to any website or application or used under any other name without advance written consent from Highground.