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GRAFFITI FONTS 4 - Codename: BURN - 50 All new, exclusive Graffiti Fonts never before released + 50 top free fonts.

These fonts have never been available anywhere before! You can't even get them on our previous CDROMs. We worked for over 2 years on creating a comprehensive new collection of styles that would not only be bigger than our previous collections but also better & easier to use. The Burn collection is technically & stylistically superior to our previous 3 collections. It's also over 4 times larger!
Burner Graffiti Font
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

Burner™ is an advanced, connecting wildstyle graffiti font including over 200 unique letters, numbers & symbols. The family includes 5 styles: outlines, fills, details & more. Mix & match glyphs from 3 alphabets, add end pieces & more.

• Burner™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

Ruckus™ is a simple & legible graffiti style with a thick, crisp outline style on the capitol letter keys & the matching fill style on the lowwercase keys. This font includes a generous array of numbers, symbols, arrows & other glyphs.

Ruckus™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

This tag font includes full alphabets of uppercase & lowercase letters giving 2 disticnt looks as well as interesting substitutions. Street Artist is clean & consistent without sacrificing style.

• StreetArtist™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

SkinArt™ has a hand-made apearance. The style is similar to vintage Tatoo lettering. The caps are in an outline style & the lowercase keys give you a flat, solid style, numbers, punctuation & flourishes are included.

• SkinArt™ © Full Time Artists™ -

Graffick Graffiti Font
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

Halfway between graffiti & typeography you find styles like Graffick™. These fonts are derived directly from hand written letters made mechanically perfect to behave more like common digital fonts.

• Graffick™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

Classic & clean tag style lettering that's easy to read & flexible. Mad Props™ includes 2 full alphabets, full numbers, punctuation & other symbols. This style works well with outlines & effects.

• MadProps™ © Full Time Artists™ -

Fresh Paint™
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

Super fresh paintbrush style lettering with a definite graffiti slant. Reverse italic & highly detailed these hand made letters, splats, swipes, numbers & symbols give an energetic human feel to your text.

• Fresh Paint™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

As its name suggests Captions is a font created to mimic the small ledgible bodies of text that often accompany pieces & productions. The letters were originaly created with spray paint & rendered solid & smooth.

• Captions™ © Full Time Artists™ -

Cali Cholo™
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

The CaliCholo font is inspired the wide array of Chicano styles seen on the bay area streets. This simple representation is blotchy & rough in emulation of hand written letters using spray paint. 2 Alphabets, numbers, symbols.

• CaliCholo™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

Handwritten letters inspired by various ancient scripts. Ballers is a gangsterish tag font that avoids overlap & features long acenders & decenders for an eye catching unique style.

• Ballers™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

This rough & bold style uses detail & motion to create text with gritty character. These fat letters mimic a paintbrush or pallette knife in a simple graff style.

• Scraper™ © Full Time Artists™ -

New English™
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

This is one of our "horror core" font families. With 2 full alphabets & a full array of symbols & decorations this style can look elegant or insane. New English™ is easy to customize for infinite unique looks.

• New English™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

This calligraphic style draws inspiration from chicano & american gangland handstyles embelished with long strokes. This clean style is best used for logos, emblems & heavily stylized designs.

• HardWay™ © Full Time Artists™ -

Dim Basics™
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

Easy to read & very identifiable as a street style dim basics is clean and stylish. All the basic glyphs are included. With this style you can achieve authentic yet non-threatening graffiti goodness.

• Dim Basics™ © Triangulum / FTA -

Tough Guy ™
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

This family of fonts offers a wide variety of styles. Strong, thick letters with a mechanical feel are presented in stencil & outline variations. These fonts work well at small & very large sizes.

• ToughGuy™ © Full Time Artists™ -

Scrawler Third™
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

A new addition to the Scawler family featuring 2 very different alphabets. Use this font with the Original Scawler or on its own. Like the original these letters were extracted from a zillion tags.

• Scrawler 3rd™ © Full Time Artists™ -

Olde Gangsta™
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

This font family is very close to standard Olde English styles with a bit of influence from Blackletter styles. The Olde Gangsta™ font family is meant to represent a more Chicano American street gang type of stylization.

• Olde Gangsta™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

BackSpin is a mechanical graffiti style font created represent throwies & stamps. This block letter style has just enough funk added while still remaining even and legible. BackSpin includes both outline & fill alphabets.

• BackSpin™© Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

RaseDowne is unique amoung all of our other Graffiti Fonts. This font is intended to be rotated 90¾ clockwise so the text reads downward. This single font includes 2 alphabets with capitols that extend downwards.

• RaseDowne™ © Full Time Artists™ -

WildStyle Basic™
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

WildStyle basic is a simpler version of our WildStyle™ font with outlined letters on on the capital keys & filled letters on the lowercase keys. This font also includes several symbols & foriegn language characters.

• WildStyle Basic™ © Full Time Artists™ -

Standard Cap™
EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

Standard Cap™ is rough font made to look like it was wriiten with a "standard cap" (the cap that comes on a krylon, rusto or other spraycan). The font includes full uppercase & lowercase alphabets as well as a full array of numbers, symbols, punctuation etc.

• Standard Cap™ © Full Time Artists™ -

EXCLUSIVE! - All new Graffiti Font™

This set of two fonts is intended for use by kindergarden & 1st grade teachers or anyone else teaching young children how to write. 2 Fonts are included ,PreCursive Lined has the upper, lower & dotted mid line & the other has only the letters.

• PreCursive™ © Full Time Artists™ -