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• GF4 High Resolution Stock Image Collection

100 High resoulution textures, walls, backgrounds, scenes & more.

This collection of 100 images is presented at nearly twice the resoulution of our 3.1 collection & features many useful textures, backgrounds, fills, scenes & works of art. As before there is a general urban & Hip-Hop theme & a focus on wide useability. These images will work in any design application including the full array of software included with GF4. Paint, street, smoke, barbwire, trains, clouds & more & more are all included providing raw material for countless designs.

We have included the entire collection in 3 bitmap file formats: .PSD, .JPG, & .TIFF to maximize compatibility. All 300 files are included with Graffiti Fonts® 4 at 2272 by 1704 pixels

Stock Image 1