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• GF4 Vector Clip Art Collection

100 Street themed scaleable vector illustrations in full color.

Graffiti Fonts® 4 Codename: Burn includes over 100 original illustrations featuring characters, objects, symbols & more from Graffiti & Hip-Hop culture. These unique, graff style drawings are featured in full color, vector formats for use in nearly any software. These works are exclusive to Graffiti Fonts® 4 (Burn) & have never been released before.

These scaleable, Hand Drawn illustrations can stretch or shrink to any size without losing resolution. All 100 pieces are rendered complimentary & matching colors, with similar line widths & sizes so they will work well together. This allows you to combine multiple pieces to create scenes, logos, icon arrays, clothing designs or anything else you can imagine. Good for print or for the web & useable in a wide array of software this collection is a potent addition to your design arsenal

The preview images on the left show all 100 illustrations included in the collection. Some of the items covered include:

Spay Cans, Caps, Flames, 3D Graffiti, Tribals, Wings, scrolls & Banners, Hearts, Barbed Wire, Speakers, Crowns, Cityscapes, Music & Media Items & more.

We have included all of these illustrations in multiple vector formats for use in nearly any design or development software including applications such as:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Adobe Flash, Mirosoft Word, Adobe In Design, Microsoft Power Point, Open Office, Inkscape, Gimp, & any other application that can read vector graphics

Graffiti Fonts® is a registered trademark of Highground Industries. All Typefaces and artwork are the property of Highground Industries & Full Time Artists © 1991 - 2013 unless otherwise noted. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited. Fonts, Art and all other materials on this site are wholely owned by thier creators and may not be redistributed in any way, added to any website or application or used under any other name without advance written consent from Highground.