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Welcome to our main font page. All of the fonts shown below are also included on our CDROM & DVDRROM collections. Each font is now available for individual purchase & download. All fonts are available in Mac TrueType, PC TrueType & OpenType formats. If you are purchasing more than $40 in fonts you might consider one of our collections to get a better deal. as well as a variety of extras like stock images & software.

5 Fonts - $129.99

Advanced wildstyle graffiti font family. WildStyle™ is a 5 font set including Fill, Outline, Fat, Fade & Drip styles. Over 60 letters, plus numbers, punctuation, arrows, bars & more. Over 250 characters included in each style,

WildStyle © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font - $29.99

A wild tag font as written with a chisel tip marker. This font includes almost 3 full alphabets plus many symbols, underlines & more.

Scrawler™ © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font - $29.99

Ruckus™ is a simple & legible graffiti style with a thick, crisp outline style on the capitol letter keys & the matching fill style on the lowwercase keys. This font includes a generous array of numbers, symbols, arrows & other glyphs.

Ruckus™ © Raseone / Highground

1 Font $29.99
Super fresh paintbrush style lettering with a definite graffiti slant. Reverse italic & highly detailed these hand made letters, splats, swipes, numbers & symbols give an energetic human feel to your text.

Fresh Paint ™ © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font $34.99
This is one of our "horror core" font families. With 2 full alphabets & a full array of symbols & decorations this style can look elegant or insane. New English™ is easy to customize for infinite unique looks.

New English™ ©Raseone / Highground -

4 Fonts - $69.99
RaseOne is a layered type system of 4 fonts with a large character set. Use the "Outline" and "Fill" versions together to easily create 2D and 3D effects.

RaseOne™ Family © Highground Raseone -

3 Fonts - $34.99
Calligraphic, west coast style letters in 3 styles. Califas includes lowercase & capitol alphabets, numbers, basic punctuation & more.

Califas™ © Raseone / Highground -

Burner Graffiti Font
5 Fonts - $99.99
Burner™ is an advanced, connecting wildstyle graffiti font including over 200 unique letters, numbers & symbols in each style. The family includes 5 styles: outlines, fills, details & more. Mix & match glyphs from 3 alphabets, add end pieces & more.

Burner™ © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font - $29.99
A new, tag style graffitti font as written with a Pilot chisel tip marker. This font includes 2 full alphabets, numbers & symbols.

Pilot Rase™ © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font - $34.99
Create wildstyle graffiti art with Raseone. This font includes 2 full alphabets, numbers and dozens of graffiti symbols and objects.

Raseone Original™ © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font - $9.99
Rase Basic is a simpler version of RaseOne. This font includes The basic letters & glyphs from RaseOne in outline & fill styles.

Rase Basic™ © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font $19.99
A Heavy, legible tag style as written with a bullet tip marker. This font includes 1 full graffiti alphabet, numbers and symbols

Human Rase™ © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font - $34.99
Basic, graff letters with the outline style on the Caps keys & the fill style on the lowercase keys. Numbers, symbols & cloud included.

FatCap™ © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font - $19.99
Wide paintbrush style letters with rough ends and splatters, similar to writing with buff paint. 56 Letters only, no numbers or symbols.

PaintCans™ © Raseone / Highground -

4 Fonts - $69.99
This tag font includes full alphabets of uppercase & lowercase letters giving 2 disticnt looks as well as interesting substitutions. Street Artist is clean & consistent without sacrificing style.

StreetArtist™ © Raseone / Highground -

2 Fonts - $9.99
RapScript™ is a simple and very easy to read tag style font as written with a uniwide marker. With a robust character set , handwritten feel & low price RapScriptâ„¢ is a popular option.

RapScript™ © Raseone / Highground -

1 Font - $9.99
Leaned back with a very unique style. This tag font produces ill letter combo's with 56 letters. (SameGang is the free version of Highground's DimOne™)

SameGang™ © Triangulum / Raseone -

2 Fonts - $34.99
SkinArt™ has a hand-made apearance. The style is similar to vintage Tattoo lettering. The caps are in an outline style & the lowercase keys give you a flat, solid style, numbers, punctuation & flourishes are included.

SkinArt™ © Raseone / Highground -

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