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SearFont - 1 Graffiti Typeface | TTF, OTF & PostScript available

Sear Font was created around 2001 & is one of the earlier graffiti style fonts. The Stylish, handwritten letters are realistic & legible as written with a chisel tip marker. When this font was created it was one of very few authentic graffiti fonts.

© 2001 Sear /Graffiti Fonts • Author: Bartold & Sear, USA


A writer named Sear created this font with help from a friend. At the time you could count the number of authentic graffiti fonts created by actual writers on one hand. We have included this font & made it available in multiple formats. Though we have fixed a couple bugs we have left the orinal work otherwise completely intact. This exclusive version is available for royalty free, commercial use. These files may not be redistributed or offered for download on any other websites.
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