Graffiti Fonts 3.2 CDROMs Now Shipping Worldwide

• Over 50 of the worlds best graffiti fonts together for the first time!
• 30+ rare Highground exclusive fonts never before released,
• 5 advanced, open source & custom graphic design applications,
• Over 120 high resolution, royalty free, stock images & photos,
• 26 page, full color, printed instruction / install book,
• All fontsare included in Mac TTF, PC TTF & OpenType formats,
• $480.00 retail value for fonts alone,
• $50 discount for all who purchased GF 2.0 & $25 off if you bought GF1.
• FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! (saves you $4 - $28)

Graffiti Fonts Edition 3.2 - Read Me / Introduction - What's Included

The Graffiti Fonts™ 3.0 Font Collection is here!
31 Exclusive fonts in all with 17 all new exclusive graffit i fonts and new styles from tags to burners. This new CD includes over 50 of the worlds top graffiti style fonts for both Apple™ and Windows™ users as well as over 120 Hip-Hop themed stock images & Illustrations, clip-art, templates & more. We have also included a fat package of advanced design software for FREE! Read on below for detailed info about everything thats included

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Graffiti Fonts 3.0
The official Graffiti Fonts™ 3.0 collection. Now over 50 fonts in all, this collection features leading graffiti style fonts from around the world. Both free & commercial fonts are included in TrueType & OpenType formats for use on virtually any Mac, PC, or Linux computer. The Graffiti Fonts™ collection covers wildstyles, tags, stamps, gangster styles, old skool styles, tribals and more.
Stock Images
Over 120 high resolution images over 1700 pixels in width at 180 dpi. (big enough to use for print graphics) This collection of Hip-Hop, art & music themed stock photos & images is very usefull to designers and web deveopers working in those industries. Use these images as backgrounds, fills, textures or wrap them around your 3D objects.
Design Templates
Basic, blank templates for CD's, mini CDs, DVD's, & cassette Tapes. These templates help you create graphics packages without all the time spent in setting up measurements.
Vector Illustrations
A small collection of vector drawings from Highground & the open clip-art gallery including 3 busses, Highgrounds Subway car templates, a cityscape & a few other items. 8 files in all in svg format, best opened with inkscape. Graffiti trains provided in multiple sizes & formats including bitmap formats.
This advanced vector drawing application similar in function to programs like Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand and others allows complex drawing, color, layout & font work. Easy to use and very powerfull, Inkscape imports & exports most vector & bitmap file formats. Full versions are included for Mac, Windows & Linux.
The worlds most popular, open source image editor. The Gimp is similar in function to Photoshop & other bitmap image editors. With this app you can create or manipulate images in virtually all popular formats. Paint, use fonts, import photos & images & use an ever expanding array of effects and filters to create high-end digital art.
Create custom 3D objects, text, environments or artwork and export your work to a variety of popular formats. Blender works with TrueType fonts and contains a wide array of 3D effects.
Open Office
OpenOffice consists of 6 high quality applications in all. First developed by Sun Microsystems™ then released as open source,this suite includes a vector drawing application, a word processor, an html editor and a lot more. Libraries of clip-art & web objects are included and available to drag & drop into all 6 applications.
This CDROM also includes VectorGraff™, a simple vector drawing application with which you can create everything from technical drawings to logos, use fonts, add text to images and more. Created by Highground this tiny (under 1mb) app can travel with you on a USB drive or any other storage media.VectorGraff runs on virtually any Windows, Mac or Linux operating system and can even run right from this CDROM or any disk. Layers, Transparency, Custom Gradients & more are all available in VectorGraff.

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