Graffiti Fonts Edition 3.2 - Included Stock Images

Graffiti Fonts 3.2 CDROM - Stock Image Collection

Over 120 high resolution images over 1700 pixels in width at 180 dpi. (big enough to use for print graphics) This collection of Hip-Hop, art & music themed stock photos & images is very usefull to designers and web deveopers working in those industries. Use these images as backgrounds, fills, textures or project them onto your 3D objects.

Every image shown on this page is included on the GF3.2 CDROM.

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Stock Image - Graffiti
Rase Graffiti Crop
Stock Image - Graffiti
Rase Graffiti Crop 2
Stock Image - Graffiti
Rase Graffiti Crop 3
Stock Image - Graffiti
Rase Graffiti Crop 4
Stock Image - Graffiti
Rase Graffiti Crop 5
Stock Image - Paint Drips
TM Paint Drips 2
Stock Image - Paint Drips 2
TM Paint Drips 3
Stock Image - Graffiti Decay
Graffiti Decay
Stock Images - Graffiti Decay 2
Graffiti Decay 2
Stock Image - Graffiti Decay 3
Graffiti Decay 3
Stock Image - Graffiti Decay 4 - dripping paint, streaks & splatters, prints, tags
Graffiti Decay 4

Graffiti Decay 5

Graffiti Decay 6

Graffiti Decay 7

Graffiti Decay 8

Graffiti Decay 9

Graffiti Decay 10

Graffiti Decay 11

Graffiti Decay 12

Graffiti Decay 13

Graffiti Decay 14

Graffiti Decay 15

Graffiti Decay 16

Graffiti Decay 17

Graffiti Decay 18

Graffiti Decay 19

Graffiti Decay 20

Graffiti Decay 21

Brush Strokes

Dry Brush Strokes


Swirling Smoke

Smoke Drift

Smoke Texture

Curling Smoke



Burning Embers

Smoggy Sunset

Green Hills, Blue Sky

Simple Clouds

Ocean & Sand

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves 2

Clear Water

Assorted Spray Paint

Vintage Spray Cans

Vintage Spray Cans 2

Hundreds of Empty Cans

Empty Cans Close Up

Used Caps

Ocean Of Caps

Used Fat Caps etc.

Phantoms (NY Outlines)

Hooded Caps

Caps Close-Up

Mixed Caps

Spray Paint Caps

Mixed Used Caps

Brick Wall Texture

Brick Wall Texture 2

Tagged on Bricks

Tagged Bricks Color

Brick Wall Angle

ASR10 Keys

Piano Keys

Keyboard Angle

Organ Keys

Old Skool Boombox

8-Track Mixboard

Pile Of CDRs

CDR Pile 2

NY Cityscape

NY Cityscape 2

NY Cityscape 3

NY Cityscape 4

NY Cityscape 5

CA Cityscape

CA Cityscape 2

Blank Tapes

Audio Tapes

Audio Tapes 2

Audio Tapes 3


Record Player

Record Player 2

Ink Cartridges

Dead Ink

Hella Scrilla

100 Dollar Bills

Stack of Money

Chrome Spoke Rim

What Are These?

These Are Blue

Glass Fracture

Wrinkled Plastic

Shimmer Background

Shiny Texture

Curcuit Board

Curcuit Board Art

Golden Shimmer

Mosaic Tiles

1000 Tape Tabs

Sand Stone

Red Stone Fill

Stone Texture

Plant Life

Plant Life 2

Green Leaves

TM Paint Drips

Rough Wood

Old Wood Grain

Natural Wood Texture

Rotted Wood

Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti Bridge BW

Frieght Train Blue

Frieght Train BW

Frieght Train BW2

Frieght Train Yellow

Frieght Train Red

Frieght Train Cut BW

Frieght Train Cut BW

Frieght Train Cut Blue

Frieght Train Cut Blue 2