Graffiti Fonts Free™ Collection

A free collection of fonts, images & software from the official Graffiti Fonts® collection. This limited edition release includes fonts from all 3 of our CD's as well as fonts & images never before released anywhere! All of the fonts shown on below are included.

This collection is available now for free download exclusively here on You can also get a copy on CDROM by paying a material & shipping fee of $5.50.

What's Included

• 10 exclusive Graffiti Fonts
• 31 Stock Images
• VectorGraff Design Application
• Opcion Font Viewer

The CDROM version and download version will both work on virually system, Mac, PC or Linux.

Read on below to find further info about the content as well as free download links & purchase links for the CDROM.

These 10 fonts are all included with GF Free

Cali Chisel
The free version of "Califas Chisel", one of the 3 fonts that make up the Califas family.

FatCap Free
A streamlined version of our commercial FatCap font created for this free offer.
GPL Outline
This outline & 3D block style is one of the 3 fonts that make up the Rase GPL family.
Graffpity Free
Clean SF CA style tagging from legendary writer Crayone
Magik Marker Free
2 alphabets of rough & akward tagging with marker streaks
Paint Cans Free
Very rough paintbrush strokes with spatter & streaks in a simple tag style.

Rapscript Free
One of the most popular tag style fonts with simple, chisel tip letters.

SameGang Free
Very crazy, leanded back style with super ill letters, 2 alphabets included.
Scrawler Third Free
This add-on to the Scrawler family of tag style fonts is included here as a single font.
This classic tagging font has been upgraded for the graffiti fonts collection.

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System Requirements

Graffiti Fonts Free™ will work on any of the following operating systems.

• Mac OS 8.6 or above
• Mac OSX power PC
• Mac OSX Intel

• Windows 95®
• Windows 98®
• Windows ME®
• Windows NT®
• Windows XP®
• Windows Vista®
• Windows 7®

Highground Fonts ( All Fonts © 1992-2010 RaseOne - Full Time Artists / Highground Industries)
Larabie Fonts ( All Fonts © 1992 - 2010 Ray Larabie / Typodermic)
Johan Waldenstrom Fonts (All Fonts © 1992 - 2010 Johan Waldenstrom)
AGI Media Fonts ( All Fonts © 1992 - 2004 AGI Media)
All of these royalty free stock images are included in the Graffiti Fonts Free™ collection. You can download them here individually or download the full package.

All Typefaces and artwork are the property of Highground Industries & Fulltime Artists © 1991 - 2011 unless otherwise noted. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited. Fonts, Art and all other materials on this site are wholely owned by thier creators and may not be redistributed in any way or under any other name without advance written consent. is supported in part by sponsored advertisements like these ...

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