G.I.M.P Image Editor
GNU Image Manipulation Program - GIMP2™
Using this advanced, open source software anyone can easily ...
• Create advanced digital graphics like logos, fliers, business cards & more
• Scan, import & and edit photos and images
• Crop, resize, filter and optimize images for print or the web
• Use fonts, clip-art, photos, & original art to create graphics and animations.

- GIMP™ is a bitmap graphics application similar in operation to Adobe PhotoShop™. Working with this software you have access to all the FONTS installed on your computer. You will be able to create and edit images using layers, magic wand, filters, patterns, painting tools, effects and a ton of other familiar tools.

GIMP is free software created & maintained through the collective, donated effort of many people. This application is very solid and don't let the name fool you. The GIMP is a powerfull application for the creation and manipulation of images.

All of our Graffiti Font™ CDs include the latest stable version of this application for nearly any operating system.

The sample screenshot shown to the left shows a quick example of what GIMP can do in just a few minutes. There are tons of built in brushes & textures like the bricks in this image, flames, & many more.

I imported one of our train images, painted in the bricks & did some quick font work with the RaseOne™ font to create this sample. The blue flier in the background was also done with GIMP using only placement of a few images, a couple fonts and a little work with color. You can create just as fast with this app as with most commercial apps.

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