Learn how to create graffiti artwork digitally using Graffiti Fonts™ lettering, images, clip-art, software & other assetts. These tutorials will help you learn graffiti style methods & concepts as well as giving tips & insight on how to use our fonts & software. We have created our packaging & this site as well as numerous commercial designs using the Graffiti Fonts™ collection. Our designs are created in the same way they would be if they were drawn into a blackbook or painted on a full size wall. In other words it will help you get the most out of this package if you understand real graffiti art & how it's done.

Font Demo #1

A basic process that can be done in many different digital graphics applications. This tutorial shows step by step how to apply outline and fill styles to fonts, using font families with outline style included like RaseOne, WildStyle etc. or using your own outlines.

GF3 - Tutorial 1
Using images as backgrounds & fills
A basic tutorial for any bitmap or painting applications that use fonts.

This tutorial is done with Adobe Photoshop™, however this exact process can also be done in GIMP or even with the "Paint" application included on most PCs. This tutorial uses Highgrounds "Wildstyle" font family and images from the Graffiti Fonts™ 3.0 collection.

Vector Graff / JF-Draw Tutorial #1

This vector drawing application is included for free on all of our font CD's. This tutorial is just a quick run-through on how to create a basic design using placed images, shapes, fills and fonts.

Sample Art Section

Our Sample Art section includes a ton of artwork created with Graffiti Fonts™. To llearn how to make your own graffiti style artwork it might help to take a look at the examples we have created & some of the work other users have done.


Graffiti Fonts 4 Codename: Burn
Graffiti fonts 2.0 CDROM
Graffiti Fonts™ 3.1 CDROM
• Over 50 Graffiti Fonts in all!
• 30+ Highground exclusive fonts
• 5 advanced design applications
• Over 100 stock images & photos
• 26 page printed instruction book
All fonts in Mac, PC & OpenType
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Graffiti Fonts CDROM - Level 3
Graffiti fonts 2.0 CDROM
The Graffiti Fonts™ 2.0 CDROM is here! 31 fonts in all with 11 new exclusives and new styles from 3 developers. Edition 2 also includes graphic design applications so anyone can create advanced art with no additional software. (worldwide shipping is free)
Graffiti Fonts CDROM - Level 2
Graffiti Fonts 1.6 CDROM
Graffiti Fonts CDROM -Level 1
Graffiti Fonts® is a registered trademark of Highground Industries. All Typefaces and artwork are the property of Highground Industries & Full Time Artists © 1991 - 2011 unless otherwise noted. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited. Fonts, Art and all other materials on this site are wholely owned by thier creators and may not be redistributed in any way, added to any website or application or used under any other name without advance written consent from Highground.

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