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Your Name In Graffiti

One of the most common requests we have gotten over the years is from people asking if we can draw or paint thier name in graffiti. Many of these requests come from youngsters however it's also a common request from people seeking gifts for a loved one or fine art to hang in thier home or business. Family names & the names of children, wives, husbanda etc. are common requests for graffiti or lettering based tattoo designs. These are all things we usually do by hand in any number of different media.

The Graffiti Fonts® collection of digital typefaces allows us to pass some of this ability on to anyone interested in exploring thier own graffiti designs. You can create infinite variations of your name in graffiti style lettering using the hundreds of typefaces in our collection. We have made numerous commercial graffiti fonts available and just as many free graffiti fonts that you can download here on our website. We also developed the Graffwriter™ web-app that allows you to create and style any word or phrase you like right on the site for free. There are dozens of graffiti style fonts to choose from as well as effects & tools for customization.

If you need an arsenal of wildstyles, handstyles, throwie styles etc. then a collection of graffiti fonts is the way to go. If you simply need a few simple bits of text then our free Graffwriter™ web app will do the trick. If you need a single, item such as a tattoo design or a design for a logo or t-shirt then you should consider contacting us directly for custom work.

Graffiti Alphabets

Each of our typefaces contains between 1 & 3 full alphabets. Our larger font families can contain dozens of individual graffiti alphabets. Some of our more elaborate sets contain thousands of individual glyphs including: capitol letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, alternate letters, language support, and of course the visual effects such as outline styles, 3D styles, fills and more.

The Graffiti alphabets in our collection can be used for anything from referrence material, to DIY art projects to professional graphic design to technical projects such as laser cutting, CNC machining, plotters, embroidery etc.

Graffiti Styles

Every artist has a completely unique style. Even if they practice a long established style or learned a style directly from a mentor each artist will inevitably do it a bit different. Graffiti art is no different. Though graffiti artwork has become a vast genre with many sub-genres, fusions & crossovers, there are several traditional and identifiable "types" of graffiti art & a huge number of regional and generational styles that one could point out.

From a technical standpoint all traditional, letter based graffiti art breaks into these categories: Tags, Throws, Pieces, Characters, Burners, Productions. Modern graffiti art is also often categorized based on surfaces such as: walls, trains, canvases... or methods such as: spray paint, marker, scribe, stencil, paintbrush, digital, etc..

From the begining we have tried to create an array of fonts that represents this spectrum of diversity as best as possible.

Graffiti Letters

Graffiti lettering is very different than traditional typeography or more traditional disciplines such as tattoo lettering or sign painting. While legibility & clear communication of information is usually the main thrust of typeography, with graffit,i lettering is treated as fine art & legibility is often a secondary concern or not a concern at all. As with any type of lettering the effect is magnified as the work becomes more complex or abstract. When building graffiti style fonts one has to find a compromise between the organic randomness of graffiti lettering & the mechanical demands of typeography.

Graffiti letters are not homogenious in any sense. There are an infinite number of styles. Even so, there are numerous identifiers & traits which are unique to graffiti and to specific types of graffiti. There are very clear stylistic categories of graffiti that with enough time, care & expertise these characteristics can be translated in workable new typefaces. This is the mission that we have undertaken since 1999.

Graffiti Drawings

Hand drawn graffiti artwork done in pencil, pen & ink & paint is the staple of the modern graffiti art movement. Long before an artist is any good with a spray can they ususally invest huge amounts of time into thier sketchbooks. It is tradition to sketch out pieces & burners before excecuting the full size spray paint work however many writers (graffiti artists) simply "freestyle" directly onto the surface with no sketches or drawings. Over time, writers develop thier styles through a combination of all the media they work with however there are several typical types of graffiti drawings such as: Pencil Sketches, Pen & Ink, Full Color using permanent markers, paint markers, colored pencils etc.

Custom Graffiti Lettering

We spend a lot of time creating custom graffiti lettering for projects like logos, clothing designs, tattoos, fine art, movies & commercials, just about anything you can think of. We do most of this work by hand. The Graffiti Fonts collection is a way for any artist or designer to access hundreds of modern graffiti letter stylesin order to create thier own custom graffiti style text.. Using our Graffiti Fonts® can be a simpler & cheaper solution that comissioning custom work to be done by hand. If pre-made fonts wont provide what you need then our artists are available to design any type of lettering you could ever want for any purpose. Just contact us any time for more information.

Graffiti Fonts for Iphone

Our graffiti fonts are available in the app store in the IOS version of our Graffwriter™ app. We also provided all of the graffiti letters & artwork for an app called "eye of the tagger" which is also still available for free in the app store.

Graffiti Fonts for Android

Some of our graffiti fonts were used in the "Graffiti Collective" app available now in the android store. Our Graffwriter™ web-app also works great on Android phones.

Graffiti Tattoos & Tattoo Font Styles

Lettering for custom tattoos is one of the most common requests that we get. Many of our Graffiti Fonts® were built with tattoo artwork in mind. While many people have used our fonts to create tattoo artwork we would be happy to create 1-of-a-kind, hand drawn, custom graffiti lettering, script, calligraphy, blocks or any letter style. Contact us any time for full color or monochrome, lettering, characters, illustrations, symbols or anything else you would like for your tattoo design.

EXCLUSIVE GRAFFITI FONT COLLECTIONS - 4 levels to fit your needs & budget.

Graffiti Fonts ™ 1.7 Collection
gf1 CDROM Label
Graffiti Fonts ™ 2.2 Collection
gf2 CDROM Label
Graffiti Fonts ™ 3.2 Collection
gf3 CDROM Label
Graffiti Fonts ™ 4.0 Collection
gf4 CDROM Label

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